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Positive Living North Staff

Meet the Staff of Positive Living North!

Positive Living North:
Main Office (Prince George)

Phone: 250.562.1172
Toll Free: 1.888.438.2437
Fax: 250.562.3317


  • Angela Carter, Executive Director acarter@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Momo Arakawa, Executive Assistant marakawa@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Rosemary Goyayi, Program Office Manager/Support Services Manager rjamal@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Brittany Morrison, Administrative Support Worker bmorrison@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Anne Fediuk, Bookkeeper (Royal Accounting)

Support Services

  • Rosemary Jamal  , Support Services Manage/Program Office Manager rjamal@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Cheryl Lacerte, Support Worker clacerte@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Ujunma Egbuawa, Support Worker uegbuawa@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Richard Darko, Harm Reduction Outreach Worker rdarko@positivelivingnorth.org


  • Michael Gomes, Education Manager mgomes@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Jarred Selver, Positive Prevention Coordinator/HIV Educator jselver@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Tessa Fraser, Positive Prevention Coordinator/HIV Educator tfraser@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Violet Bozoki, Elder Advisor vbozoki@positivelivingnorth.org

The Fire Pit Cultural Drop-in Centre (Prince George)

Phone: 250.563.6113
Fax: 250.563.6160

  • Alicia Colville, Fire Pit Supervisor acolville@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Julie Sam , Activities/Volunteer Coordinatorr jsam@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Robert Goats, Nutritional Coordinator - no e-mail
  • Sarah Patrick, (term) Support Worker - no e-mail
  • Violet Bozoki, Elder Advisor vbozoki@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Annette Maurice, Elder Advisor - no e-mail
  • (Position Posted) Housing Support Worker                        

Positive Living North -
Bulkley Valley

Phone: 250.877.0042
Toll Free (BC only): 1.866.877.0042
Fax: 250.877.0047

  • Patricia Kolida, On-Site Manager   pkolida@positivelivingnorth.org                                            
  • Miranda Brain, Community Health Educator  mbrain@positivelivingnorth.org
  • Joan Richardson, Member Support Services jrichardson@positivelivingnorth.org

Positive Living North -     Fort St. John (North Peace Community Resources Society)

Phone: 250.785.4261

Heather Paddison, HIV Educucator hpaddison@positiselivingnorth.org


PLN Board of Directors

PLN's Board of Directors represents the agency in the community and guides the policy and governance of the Society.
Individuals are elected to these positions at the Annual General Meeting.

  • Chair- Vanessa West
  • Vice Chair- Badhri Narayanan
  • Treasure- Kyle Sam
  • Secretary- Katherine Carlson
  • Director- Amy Wutzke
  • Director (Rural Remote Rep.)- Tammy L.
  • Director (Rural Remote Rep.)- Laura Alex

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