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The red ribbon is an international symbol of AIDS Awareness. It is worn by people all over the world, from all walks of life, to demonstrate care and concern about HIV/AIDS. A symbol to remind us all of the need for support and prevention. It is worn in memory of those who have lost their lives to AIDS, and in support of those living with or affected by HIV/AIDS.

Welcome to Positive Living North!

Positive Living North: No khe̅yoh t'sih'en t'sehena Society (PLN) provides quality support, awareness education, and prevention services to people living with, affected by, and at-risk for HIV/AIDS/HCV. As a leader in preventative health, we promote the holistic well-being of individuals and communities in Northern British Columbia.

As PLN is primarily situated in Prince George, we acknowledge the territories of the Lheidli T’enneh First Nation. Thank you to the Carrier peoples for having us as guests in their traditional territory.

Please feel free to visit our site to learn more about the services we provide to our local community and the region. If you would like to support PLN in our service areas, consider volunteering some of your time to our agency or providing a donation to support the PLN/Scotiabank AIDS Walk for Life. If you feel that our services could benefit you or someone close to you, please feel free to contact us.                


In Sorrow and Grief...

Positive Living North would like to extend our deepest condolensces to the friends and families in Orlando, Florida who have lost loved ones in the tragic events of June 12, 2016. As PLN is an ally and supporter of the LGBQQTT community, we support the local Pride events in Northern British Columbia in the hopes there be an end to stigma and discrimination, and a greater acceptance of diversity.


Poetry submission...

                                              "My Name is Dancing Shadows"

Born into a world full of pain, hatred & violence,  I have the mind, body &spirit of a warrior, but the wantings of a suckling babe

Voices I hear in the wind whose words I do not catch, the mysterious knowledge to be shared, Grandfather where are you now, for the old ones spoke but I did not listen, now my bow is broken and my arrow is bent

Where are the days of childhood happiness & care free wonderment, where has the buffalo gone? Grandmother take me into your arms & show me life again for my feather has fallen & all seems like it is lost

My cry is one but many waiting to be heard, to climb the eagles back to sing songs of glory for this I can only hope, I walk the shadow of the wolf sharing his loneliness & sorrow

Great wonders we have seen together but we are always hiding in shadows, I drink the air & the earth tasting a bitterness on my tongue

My feather is lost

Mother sing me a song of the days of old

Father build me a fire for my soul has grown cold

Richard Starr/December 1995



These illustrations were done by clients of Positive Living North; sharing their thoughts about the programs we offer!


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